70th Anniversary

Caterham Sea Cadets

Caterham Sea Cadets received its warrant on the 19th August 1942 and after a busy summer of  fundraising, boating and training we finally got around to celebrating this 70th Anniversary on the 29th of September 2012.  TS Zephyr was opened to the public for an afternoon tea which was attended by a number of ex cadets,  ex staff and local residents.  The unit was decorated in a WWII theme with taped windows, sand bags and home-made bunting and our guests had the opportunity to sample some tea-time treats made from ration recipes.

Ships Company founded 1942


Chairmans Quote “It was lovely to see our one of our previous Commanding Officers face light up as he recognised some of his cadets who were now grown women with children of their own”

That evening a party was held for the current ships company and their families.  Fancy dress in the style of the unit décor was the order of the evening and cadets and staff rose to the occasion.  An excellent disco and lighting was provided by AC Harry Castle and everyone danced into the night.

Ships Company on it’s 70th Anniversary

Cadet LC Frost said “It was a great night, can’t wait for the next one”

Caterham Sea Cadets parade on Tuesdays and Fridays 7pm to 9.30pm, for further information please contact info_caterham@yahoo.co.uk



One response to “70th Anniversary

  1. Pete Atkins Caterham SCC

    I am Chief Petty Officer Pete Atkins (Currently serving at the unit). I am eager to locate any Old photographs from the past history of our unit, for memories of some of my family and friends who also served in TS Zephyr formerly (TS Carnation) as cadets, and staff. Thankyou.

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