My time as the Oxfordshires Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet

Outgoing Cadet Sergeant Thomas Pocock

I was lucky enough to be Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet in Oxfordshire in one of the busiest years to have the honour, be it the Jubilee year all 3 Cadets managed to get a lot of events and a lot of royal events. The main event of the year for us was the Queens garden party in Henley, where locals put on a royal river pageant which we all got to witness followed by tea and cakes in a wonderful setting to be topped off with a fly past from RAF Benson.

Becoming a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet is a great privilege because for one year you have an insight into a wide variety of events which take place under the radar in communities around the county; you get to witness all these different traditions around the county such as the yearly white glove ceremony where the new High Sheriff is appointed.  This also includes duties with the military such as Armed Forces Day and Remembrance Sunday; these events are always a privilege to take part in because of the importance of them both.

Cadet Sergeant Thomas Pocock

This year we were also lucky for it to be the year of the Olympics and doubly lucky my old Warrant Officer at my local Squadron was running with the Olympic torch. Lucky for us we managed to organise a small breakfast party at one of the Deputy Lieutenants house’s for the torch bearer’s family and friends and it just added that perfect touch to such a special day.

Overall my year as Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet was an enjoyable year and something I’ll never forget. Like I mentioned in my final out going Cadet speech ‘’ I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world’’ So for cadets reading this try you best help as many people as possible and maybe one day you could be a Lord lieutenant’s Cadet.

Written by Cadet Sergeant Thomas Pocock – Thames valley wing, 2120 Witney ATC –

If you are interested in the Air Cadets as a Cadet or Adult Volunteer please visit:


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