Ex Scrambled Edge

On the 10th of June five members of Southampton University Air Squadron (SUAS) travelled to Snowdonia for 5 days of mountaineering. Once all had been accommodated at Capel Curig Training camp, everyone headed out to a rock face nearby to test their skills on the rock, get some technical tips from others and to meet the other member of our team who acted as a guide: Sgt Lee Wales of the RAF Valley Mountain Rescue Team.

The Team testing their skills on a nearby rockface

Early the following morning, everyone managed to beat the queues and get into the dining hall for an early solid breakfast, before heading out to the first route of the day. The group of 6 split into two groups of 3 – each supervised by an instructor. Both teams did the same route, which was a mix of rock climbing and scrambling. Scrambling was something that a few of the group had not experienced before, which was definitely a good eye opener and confidence booster for the hiking over the next few days! In the evenings the group experimented with a few pubs, sampling the local brews over some card games and good banter about the days’ events.

Over the next few days, the teams were shuffled around so that everyone was given the opportunity to climb with everyone else. The group also embarked on some peak-to-peak walks and scrambles around mount Snowdon, which provided some fantastic photo opportunities and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and nearby sea.

Peak to Peak walks and scrambles

Overall, the expedition was a fantastic mix of new experiences, confidence building challenges and to top it all off, great company. All returned home on the 15th of June safely, having made very good connections with RAF Valley Mountain Rescue, hopefully prompting further work between us in the future.

A huge thank you to instructors Sgt Lee Wales and Officer Cadet Pirkis for a great week!

For more information please visit http://www.raf.mod.uk/southamptonuas/


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