The Cadet Experience

My Cadet Experience

My name is Kim Stamp / Cpl Stamp and I attend the Army Cadet Force number 11 Horsham Platoon in West Sussex. I have been attending the cadets for three years and have enjoyed every minute of the experience.

The reason I joined the ACF was to improve my confidence and skills and to make some new friends. As a child I was shy and somewhat introverted, but since starting cadets I learned to have confidence in myself and my abilities and to not be afraid to try new things. As a result I have been asked several times to give speeches and to represent the ACF in front of other people. I have made many friends and have had experiences that would not have been possible anywhere else.

CPL Kim Stamp

In my second year of cadets I was selected to join the NCO’s cadre. During my time as an NCO (non-commissioned officer) I achieved top student and received my first stripe. A year after becoming an NCO I attended the JCILC (Junior Cadet Instructor Leadership Course) and gained the leadership skills I needed to instruct other cadets. I also learned how to teach drill and to teach others safe weapons handling.

As a member of the cadet force I have learned many new skills that will help me throughout my life. When I attended my first two-week annual camp I learned how to better take care of myself both in the camp and out in the field. I was taught how to hand-clean my clothes and how to make a bed properly to army standards. Outside of the camp I learned how to find my way around by reading a map and how to properly fire and clean a weapon.

During my time as an NCO in the cadet force I have learned not only to take care of myself, but how to manage and care for other cadets. Before joining this organization I never thought I would ever be in the position to take charge of a group of other people, but my leaders and teachers helped me to gain the confidence and learn the skills I needed to be successful as an NCO. One of my favorite parts of being an NCO is teaching the younger cadets how to fit in to the group and to become part of a team. I feel a great deal of pride when I see them accomplish a task or complete a goal, and it reminds me of the joy I found in the cadet force when I first joined as a new recruit.

I know that the training and skills I have gained during this time will help me to be a strong and effective leader not just in the cadet force, but in other aspects of my life as I move forward.

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  1. Chief Executive

    Well done Kim – an excellent article !!

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