Oxfordshire Army Cadets cope with ever changing weather

Annual Camp 2012

Just over 200 Oxfordshire Cadets, including four from a local CCF (Combined Cadet Force), have recently returned from a challenging two week’s Annual Camp at Okehampton in Devon.

The Dartmoor weather was nothing if not consistent in its unpredictably. The days often starting overcast, moving on to driving rain, followed by sun mid afternoon, returning to overcast late afternoon! This had the inevitable impact on activities, however despite this, the cadets had a great time training in cadres and achieving passes in a whole variety of subjects and Star levels, including a very successful 4 Star Cadre. The middle weekend saw the exercise phase with all cadres putting into practice the training of the preceding week.

Two star Cadets patrolling

The following Monday was a day-out to Bude and on the Wednesday, the Inter-Company Skills Competition commenced, with each company trying to outdo the others at the activities. By Friday, very tired, yet happy and contented cadets, and adults, were ready for the return trip to Oxfordshire and opportunity to ‘chill-out’.

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Thanks to:

A W N Hames


Media & Special Projects Officer

Oxfordshire (The Rifles) Bn ACF



2 responses to “Oxfordshire Army Cadets cope with ever changing weather

  1. Stephen Oxlade

    I visited this Annual Camp and congratulate all the cadets who took part and also the adult instructors. You can see from the photographs how much fun everyone had ! Very well done to all !

    Stephen Oxlade
    Chief Executive

  2. You can see all 500 photos from Camp at http://www.facebook.com/oxonacf

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