International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE)

261 (Guildford) Squadron   

I was recently lucky enough to be selected to travel to Hong Kong as part of the International Air Cadet Exchange. I left Heathrow on the 17th of July with 5 other British cadets, then spent the first day meeting the rest of the cadets, who had come from all over the world (Turkey, Canada, Israel and Australia, to name but a few of the countries).

A Super Puma helicopter in which CWO Holroyd flew over Hong Kong

Over the following 2 weeks we travelled around Hong Kong, and even spent 3 days in mainland China. We visited fascinating temples and historical sites, as well as more modern attractions such as the Ocean Park. We also visited Cathay Pacific headquarters and the Government Flying Service, where we had the chance to fly over Hong Kong in a Super Puma helicopter. In our free time we went souvenir shopping in the local markets and played card games in the hotel.

souvenir shopping in the local markets

I can say for certain that this was the best experience I’ve ever had as a cadet, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to go. As well as the fantastic experiences, I’ve met people from across the world that will now be lifelong friends, and I loved having the opportunity to learn about all their different cultures. This was a once in a lifetime experience that I will remember forever and I am very thankful to the ATC for giving me this opportunity!

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