Ethiopian Escapade

Ex Ethiopian Escapade

What an amazing experience, Ethiopia, it’s culture and terrain
First stop Addis Ababa and acclimatisation, a change from the rain
A visit to a historical museum, evolution, royalty, agricultural tools a few to list
“Lucy” and the evolution process – a fabulous experience not to have missed.

On the road to Bahir Dar, near the beautiful Lake Tana
A bite to eat in Debre Markos and then to our hotel and manor
A visit to Kebranst Gabriel Unity Monastery, men only living here
Showcasing their historical heritage, through the generations that did occur.

Next it was Gondar, a visit to the Castle and then the MLT foundation training did start
With lots of relevant information, questions and answers to impart
Early start for Debark and Gelada baboons were first on our list
The regal looking males with red chests, so as not to be missed.

Julie making friends with the local children

To Geech Camp 15kms, a meagre five hours to walk
A chance to get acquainted, learn about people’s lives with light and cheery talk
A meal to look forward to and the first of the cultural briefs to portray
All about Ethiopia’s “Culture” – fantastic in every way.

A trek to Chenek reaching heights of 3620m and 3500m via Imlet Gogo
A 21km walk with breathtaking escarpments galore
Sightings of Walia Ibex, a magnificent creature to behold
A meal followed by an “Ethnic Group” brief, then did unfold.

Ambiquo was next, at a height of 4200m – an awesome sight to see
Then Inatye 4430m, second highest mountain in Ethiopia passing the cloud lines that be
A challenging downward descent to Chiro Leba Village, food to fuel our 25km way
Evening meal and then a brief of the “Geography of the Simien National Park” to end the busy day.

Julie and Cara resting at the summit

Ras Dashen summit 4562m – a rock face to climb with the most amazing views to behold
Where a plated meal prepared by the cooks did stylishly unfold
The sighting of rare Simien foxes leaping and bounding ahead
At Ambiqou added to the animals we had heard about in the “Wildlife” brief and previously read.

Next we trekked to Sona, eating a packed meal on the brow of a hill
Glad to arrive in camp, settle and eat hot food, followed by the “History of Ethiopia” an hour to fill
The next morning, to Makarebia we commenced our gruelling 900m descent
A time for washing in the river and an improvement of a sweet scent.

At Mulit Camp where we continued the MLT tests and collection of money
For the enthusiastic muleteers and the much awaited traditional tipping ceremony
From dancing to singing and the participation that did unfold
To the tambola sought after treasures for the less fortunate to behold.

The Expedition group

The last day trekking to Adiarkay Village was undulating to say the least
A great feeling to reach our destination and a fizzy drink we could not resist
A long 182km bus ride to Gondor, our destination Lammargaer Hotel for dinner and bed
A truly wonderful experience, warm, showered and fed.

Next it was to Debre Markos stopping at Bahir Dar for a cold drink
And lunch at Fenotta Selam from which on the bus, into a slumber we did sink
Arriving at Debre Markos, experiencing the traditional coffee ceremony in full swing
The flowers, the coffee aroma all set in the scene of a ring.

At Addis Ababa a trip to the Flea market a must for all to see
Protected by body guards crucial to their success and fee
The ethnological museum our last cultural event
Followed by Yod Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant before, in the bus to the airport we went.

A thoroughly enjoyable adventure was had by one and all
Encouragement of team work, enthusiastic as we recall
The joining of Reserve Forces and Regular Army as one
Learning about another country was quite simply – great fun.

For more information contact:

Worthy Down
SO21 2RG


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