Welcome to the Jungle

Sussex Army Cadets visit British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK)

Ex-Cadet and now Officer Commanding Signals Troop in Kenya –Captain Jim Boyden invited Sussex Army Cadet Force to visit the area and provided a variety of exciting training activities unlike anything most cadets will have experienced before.

Cadets spent the first day with the BATUK Engineers who demonstrated various explosives and gave the cadets the opportunity to build a lightweight bridge. The next day was spent gaining an insight into the various weapon systems in use by the British Army.

After two days of jungle training and shooting on the ranges, cadets deployed for a three day Field Training Exercise which tested their military and leadership skills to the full.

Final Exercise

It was a week full of excitement, but one of the most enduring memories for many was a visit to a local orphanage, where cadets met some of the children who are resident there.

The Orphanage Visit

Captain Jim Boyden said “The visit gave the cadets a real insight into the hardships faced by the less fortunate young people in this part of the world. We donated food and clothes to the children and the cadets were visibly moved by the experience. When the residents sang a thank you song the cadets returned by singing Sussex by the Sea as they left”.

For more information contact 10273 552222 or email aosussexacf@serfca.org


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