Shooting Success (Cadet LCpl Caitlin Green)

Shooting Successes

Cdt LCpl Caitlin Green enrolled as a cadet in January 2008.  Prior to this, she had never fired a rifle but was very soon spotted as a talented shot.

So far she has been awarded the 2010 Cadet 100 Smallbore Badge (top 100 nationally), has scored a possible 100 ex 100 in our County Cadet Force Inter-Company Smallbore Match and achieved Overall Champion shot at the 4 Division Target Rifle Competition 2011.

The following is an article written by LCpl Caitlin Green about her recent trip to South Africa:

“For two weeks at the end of September/ beginning of October, I travelled to South Africa along with 8 other shooters and 3 coaches from the Great Britain Junior Shooting Squad to compete against the South African schools.  There were several different competitions in the Schools Championship.

I competed in three categories: 10m Precision Air Rifle (Standing), 10m Precision Air Rifle 3P (3 position) and 50m .22 Rimfire (Prone).

Precision air rifle involves you getting into lots of restrictive clothing in order to reduce your movement which sounds a bit overboard but, as the nine ring is only as large as the pellets we were shooting, every little movement makes a huge difference!

The standing match was 40 shots in 1 hour and 15 minutes with time to change the targets.  I shot 377 out of a possible 400 which placed me in 8th position and earned me a place in the finals (where I stayed in 8th place).  1st Place was won with 381 out of 400, so between the 8 finals places there was just a single shot difference.

In the Precision 3P Air Rifle, you shoot in 3 Positions; 20 shots prone, 20 shots standing and 20 shots kneeling.  It’s a good thing you do the kneeling last because you end up with a dead leg afterwards!  It wasn’t uncommon for people to shoot perfect 200’s in the prone – the South Africans were really good.

The 50m Prone .22 Rimfire is completely different to shooting in the cadets!  The basic principles are the same but the rifles are in modern stocks (all different colours) that have been adjusted specifically to fit each person – really different to the wooden stocked .22s.  The 50m competition is also shot on an outdoor range so you also need to concentrate on what the wind is doing.  On the day however, the wind was flailing around everywhere, which made shooting easier said than done!

Each person shot a 60 shot match, had a half hour break, and then came back to the range for another 60 shot match.  The GB Junior Prone Team consisted of 3 people, including myself; we succeeded in coming 1st after narrowly beating the South African Team by 6 points out of 360.

Other events shot in the competition included the Sporter Air Rifle, which doesn’t have the same tight clothing as the Precision, making it a completely different challenge and there was the 10m Air Pistol.

It was a really great experience, both the shooting and meeting all the great people of South Africa.”

Cadet LCpl Caitlin Green, 8 Platoon Reading (REME), Royal County of Berkshire Army Cadet Force



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