Energy Management in the South East Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association

management within the Reserve Forces’ Estate in the South East has been
developed over a number of years. SERFCA are responsible for the energy management
including payment of utility bills for the Reserve Forces’ Estate in the
Southeast. It started with the compiling of accurate base consumption data at
each of our 300 plus sites and the development of a monthly detailed
consumption report that is automatically emailed to site energy managers.  This information gave visibility of
consumption against the base data allowing annual targets to be set and better
user awareness.  It also allows
Association FM Staff to praise and encourage good behaviour as well as
questioning Units on any unusual high monthly usage.

This led to
steady consumption reduction across the estate but it became apparent that we
had reached the point when spend to save investment was required to deliver
further reductions.

Energy Surveys

With priority
sites identified detailed energy surveys were carried out covering insulation, controls,
heating/lighting upgrades and renewable energy. These surveys also detail
costing’s and estimated payback time and are vital in identifying the most cost
effective options. As well as identifying spend to save initiatives, the
surveys also give guidance on future reactive and planned maintenance on the
estate.  A programme is ongoing to
complete energy surveys at each of our major sites.

Renewable Energy

In general
the renewable energy options are only considered after insulation and other
recommendations have been completed.  We
have installed renewable energy including Solar Thermal, Solar Photo voltaic,
Air Source Heat Pumps and a Wind Turbine at a number of sites throughout our
area.  These include Banbury TAC,
Winchester ACF County HQ, and Newtown Range on the Isle of Wight, HQ Surrey
ACF, Ashford TAC and Kent ACF CTC Folkestone. This has generated 40,000 kWh of
renewable energy over the last 12 months and the income from the Government
Feed in Tariff (FIT) payment scheme is being reinvested into future spend to
save projects. This income will increase next year when the Government
introduce a payment scheme for our renewable thermal energy production in
October 2012. At one of our smaller projects, the annual income from FIT
payments exceeds the utility bills giving a net income.


management is a continuing process within SERFCA and is a combination of
maintaining and supplying accurate consumption data, informing and encouraging
the occupants of our estate, investing in spend to save measures and keeping up
to date on new technologies and initiatives in the energy market.

Sites that
have undergone the majority of the energy survey recommendations have seen
consumption reductions from between 40% and 70% and amount to considerable


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