Walton Army Cadets Honour Their Hero

A former Army Cadet who served with the Walton Detachment of Surrey Army Cadet Force for five years has been honoured by Cadets currently serving at the Detachment. Major Matt Bacon, who was 34, died in an explosion in Iraq six years ago where he was serving as a Staff Officer with the Headquarters of the Multi-National Division (South East) at the time of his death. Major Bacon joined with Army in 1988 and served with the Intelligence Corps.

Officers and Cadets serving with Walton Army Cadet Force turned out on force joining friends and family of Major Bacon plus local dignitaries and officers from the Intelligence Corps and Army Air Corps to witness the unveiling of a commemorative bench located in the town centre.  The ceremony took place at the War Memorial on 1st August – the date of Major Bacon’s birthday.

Walton Army Cadets spent two years tracking down Major Bacon’s family after coming up with the idea to commemorate his life. In addition to the memorial bench, the Cadets have placed a plaque in the Detachment grounds plus a new trophy, called the Matthew Beacon Cadet of the Year, is hope to be created.


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